A client.rb file is used to specify the configuration details for the chef-client.

  • This file is loaded every time this executable is run
  • On UNIX- and Linux-based machines, the default location for this file is /etc/chef/client.rb; on Microsoft Windows machines, the default location for this file is C:\chef\client.rb; use the --config option from the command line to change this location
  • This file is not created by default
  • When a client.rb file is present in the default location, the settings contained within that client.rb file will override the default configuration settings


The client.rb configuration file has the following settings related to Chef push jobs:


A Hash that contains the whitelist used by Chef push jobs. For example:

whitelist {
  'job-name' => 'command',
  'job-name' => 'command',
  'chef-client' => 'chef-client'

A job entry may also be 'job-name' => {:lock => true}, which will check the lockfile setting in the client.rb file before starting the job.


The whitelist setting is available only when using Chef push jobs, a tool that runs jobs against nodes in an organization.