Install Open Source ChefΒΆ

The Open Source Chef server may be installed in a standalone configuration. This creates a working installation on a single server. This approach is also useful for installing the Chef server in a virtual machine, for proof-of-concept deployments, or as a part of a development or testing loop.

To install the Open Source Chef server:

  1. Upload the package provided to the server on which the Chef server will be installed, and then record its location on the file system. The rest of this section assumes this location is in /tmp directory.

  2. Install the Chef server package on the server, using the name of the package provided by Chef. For Red Hat and CentOS 6:

    $ rpm -Uvh /tmp/chef-server-core-<version>.rpm

    For Ubuntu:

    $ dpkg -i /tmp/chef-server-core-<version>.deb

    The Chef server is now installed on the server.

  3. Run the following to start all of the services:

    $ chef-server-ctl reconfigure

    Because the Chef server is composed of many different services that work together to create a functioning system, this step may take a few minutes to complete.