chef-server-ctl (executable)

The open source Chef server includes a command-line utility named chef-server-ctl, which is used to start and stop individual services, reconfigure the Chef server, and tail Chef server log files.


This command has the following syntax:

chef-server-ctl OPTION

This command has the following options:

Show help for the command.
Reconfigure the Chef server. This option reads from the /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb file and applies that configuration to the Chef server. Any time changes are made to the chef-server.rb file, run the chef-server-ctl command with this option.
restart [SERVICE_NAME]
Restart all enabled services or restart a single service.
Start all enabled services or start a single service.
View the status of all services or view the status of a single service.
Stop all enabled services or stop a single service.
Follow the Chef server logs for all services or for a single service.
test --all
Execute chef-pedant, an integration test suite for the Chef server installation. By default, only a subset of the available test are run. Add the --all flag to run the full test suite.
upgrade --all

Use for in-place upgrades of the Open Source Chef server, version 11.0.4 (or higher). This subcommand applies the necessary SQL changes without having to back up data and installs the server from scratch. Back up your data before performing the upgrade anyway, just to ensure that it is available, should it be needed. This subcommand may only be used when the Open Source Chef server is configured for a standalone topology and it assumes that all services used by Open Source Chef are enabled.


The upgrade option applies only to upgrading standalone configurations of the Open Source Chef server.


The following examples show how to use chef-server-ctl to manage services.

View the status of a service

$ ctl-chef-server status name_of_service

For example, to view the status for a service named erchef, enter:

$ ctl-chef-server status erchef

Restart a service

$ ctl-chef-server restart name_of_service

For example, to restart a service named erchef, enter:

$ ctl-chef-server restart erchef

Restart all services

$ ctl-chef-server restart