chef-server-ctl (executable)

The open source Chef server includes a command-line utility named chef-server-ctl, which is used to start and stop individual services, reconfigure the Chef server, and tail Chef server log files.


This command has the following syntax:

chef-server-ctl OPTION

This command has the following options:

Show help for the command.
Reconfigure the Chef server. This option reads from the /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb file and applies that configuration to the Chef server. Any time changes are made to the chef-server.rb file, run the chef-server-ctl command with this option.
restart [SERVICE_NAME]
Restart all enabled services or restart a single service.
Start all enabled services or start a single service.
View the status of all services or view the status of a single service.
Stop all enabled services or stop a single service.
Follow the Chef server logs for all services or for a single service.
test --all
Execute chef-pedant, an integration test suite for the Chef server installation. By default, only a subset of the available test are run. Add the --all flag to run the full test suite.


The following examples show how to use chef-server-ctl to manage services.

View the status of a service

$ ctl-chef-server status name_of_service

For example, to view the status for a service named erchef, enter:

$ ctl-chef-server status erchef

Restart a service

$ ctl-chef-server restart name_of_service

For example, to restart a service named erchef, enter:

$ ctl-chef-server restart erchef

Restart all services

$ ctl-chef-server restart