Release Notes: chef-client 12.12

Chef is a powerful automation platform that transforms infrastructure into code. Whether you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, Chef automates how infrastructure is configured, deployed, and managed across your network, no matter its size.

This diagram shows how you develop, test, and deploy your Chef code.

What’s New

The following items are new for chef-client 12.12 and/or are changes from previous versions. The short version:

  • New node attribute APIs Common set of methods to read, write, delete, and check if node attributes exist.
  • Data collector updates Minor enhancements to data that the data collector reports on.
  • knife cookbook create has been deprecated You should use chef generate cookbook instead.

Depreciated node attribute methods

The following methods have been deprecated in this release:

  • node.set
  • node.set_unless

data_collector updates

  • Adds node to the data_collector message.
  • data_collector reports on all resources and not just those that have been processed.